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The Importance Of A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Everyone knows that a home inspection is an important part of the real estate process but, some don’t agree that having a pre-listing inspection done on the home is worth the hassle. At Jones Warren, we disagree. With everything going on in the world around us, we think it’s more important now, than ever, for the seller to have a pre-listing home inspection completed before the home goes on the market. Let’s break down the most important reasons!

Buyers Feel Confident

Getting a pre-listing inspection helps buyers have a good idea of the true condition of the home before they buy! They’re going to be more likely to make an offer if an inspection has already been performed, giving them peace of mind and a smoother, quicker buying process.

Fewer Contracts Fall Through

If any issues arise with the home, the buyer might withdraw their offer. Having your own inspection done before the home goes on the market can help greatly reduce a lot of renegotiations that happen after a buyer’s inspection. The buyer will know exactly what they’re making an offer on which will help the contract stay in place.

Make More Money On The Sale

This might be the BIGGEST reason for a seller to have a pre-listing inspection, especially during COVID-19. Let us explain! After the lockdowns are eased, it’s going to take a while to be able to get repairs done. If a seller waits to see which repairs the buyer would like done, it might not be completed in time and the sale could fall through. If the repairs can’t be made ahead of time, the buyer may decide to ask for a large price reduction instead. Doing a pre-listing inspection allows you to fix any issues at a reasonable price with contractors that you trust!

At Jones Warren, we think that every single listing should have a pre-listing inspection before going on the market! Because of this we offer $50 off a pre-listing inspection and offer free re-inspections of repairs for a seller on a pre-listing inspection! Give us a call to learn more. Alabama 205-607-0031 Atlanta 404-793-3773


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