How COVID-19 Has Changed the Home Inspection Industry

The past few months have been a whirlwind for everyone. With social distancing, quarantine, and events being cancelled or postponed, COVID-19 has changed a lot about the way we operate on a day to day basis. Restaurants have taken to doing curbside orders, a lot of employees have transitioned to working from home, and some service based businesses have moved to doing things virtually. COVID-19 has changed many industries since March and here’s how it has changed the home inspection industry.

With social distancing measures, the amount of people that can be present for home inspections has changed. It used to be that the buyer could bring their families with them for the inspection and if they wanted, could bring other contractors as well.  Sellers wouldn’t usually be in the house during the inspection, but now, we’ve noticed that more sellers have been present because they want to make sure adequate precautions are being taken to prevent the possible spread of the virus in their home 

At Jones-Warren, we’ve been suggesting that real estate agents and their buyers include in their contracts how they’d like the inspection to go. That could include having the seller leave the home during the inspection or allowing the buyer to bring their parents with them, etc. This helps the Buyer and Seller be on the same page when it’s time for the home inspection. 

For our safety and the safety of our clients, we’re requesting that only the buyer be present during the inspection and in order for them to be inside the home with us, they must have their own mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer ready. We’ve also been offering virtual inspections for our past clients if you have any questions or concerns about your home. You can show us the problem areas via video or we’ll help answer any general questions!

If you have any questions about our procedures for COVID-19, check out the link here or give us a call! We’re happy to help ease any concerns that you may have. COVID-19 has changed a lot about many aspects of our “normal” life, but at Jones Warren we want to make sure you’re getting the best service possible. Schedule your inspection today!


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