Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

We aren’t sure about you, but we for one are ready to get out of this Georgia heat and start to transition into cooler weather. Fall is right around the corner (it officially starts on September 22nd!) and we can’t wait for the leaves to change, to unpack our sweaters, and to start preparing for the upcoming fall holidays. With all the change going on, it’s a great time to begin looking at your home and taking care of any big projects that might become harder to do as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. Mark off some of these to-do list items before summer comes to an end and autumn rolls in!

Clean Your Gutters

Before the leaves start to fall off the trees, it’s a good idea to make sure your gutters are ready to handle them. Having clogged gutters can end up damaging the outside of your home and in extreme cases can flood the inside of your home as well. It's probably a great idea to make note to check them again when winter is approaching to clean out what fall leaves behind.

Check Your Windows

Making sure that your windows are properly sealed is a must as the cooler weather approaches! If your windows aren’t sealed, you can end up skyrocketing your utility bill in the colder months. Keep that money in your wallet by making sure everything is good to go before you have to start cranking up the heat.

Change The HVAC Filters

In tune with making sure your windows are sealed, properly replacing your air filters can also help save your utility bill. If the filters in your home are clogged, your unit will have a harder time at keeping your home the preferred temperature. It’s best to change these filters at least every 2-3 months, if not monthly, to make sure that your home’s HVAC system is keeping your space comfortable.

Fix Any Cracks in the Driveway

That small crack you’ve noticed in your driveway might not seem like a big deal now but on a winter night when the temperature drops that small crack could turn into a BIG mess later. Head to your local hardware store and pick up some sealer and get it fixed before it becomes a bigger issue down the line.

Fertilize Your Yard

If you’re hoping to keep your yard looking fresh and green come the springtime, you’ll need to prepare it now! Help prevent further damage to your yard by fertilizing before the colder weather arrives.

Bring in Your Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor patio space is amazing for spring and summer but when fall and winter roll in, leaving the furniture outside could end up causing damage. Start gathering your outdoor set up and moving it into the garage or storage space to protect your items and to avoid having to repurchase everything again next year!

Schedule an Annual Home Inspection

When was the last time you had your home inspected? There’s a good chance that it might have been when you purchased it. As with all buildings, the materials in your home begin to deteriorate over time and there’s a good chance that you might miss the early signs of problems. When you schedule an annual home inspection with Jones Warren, a home inspection company in Atlanta, GA we will come inspect the often overlooked areas such as your roof, siding, gutters, deck, plumbing, etc. to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape for the upcoming season! Best of all? We’re offering our annual home inspections for only $199* a year! Getting an annual home inspection will help you be able to take care of problems as they arise and could potentially save you from wasting thousands of dollars on repairs later on.

Here at Jones Warren, we want to help you protect your investment all year long! We strive to provide straightforward information to our clients about the condition of their home and recommendations about what the next steps should be. Schedule an inspection today online or by giving us a call!


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